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Bring back our cinema

If you have been hoping Columbia City would once again have a 3-screen cinema showing the latest movies, now is the time to help! SEEDArts and the Columbia City Cinema Advisory Board are continuing our fundraising campaign to bring back the Columbia City Cinema.

Imagine three of your favorite movies playing in one night, family films during the day plus midnight movies. The Cinema will be a program of SEEDArts and will continue to show first and second run movies every night in addition to independent and art house films, film festivals and educational film forums.



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Columbia City neighborhood town hall with Mayor McGinn

Join Mayor McGinn for an open Q&A session in Columbia City this Saturday morning, February 11 from 11am to noon at the Royal Esquire Club (5016 Rainier Ave S). Contact Sol Villarreal for more information at 427-3062 or vog.elttaes|laerralliv.los#vog.elttaes|laerralliv.los.

vog.elttaes|laerralliv.los#laerralliV loS


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embrace our women's wisdom

Women's Wisdom Journey at the Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, WA, March 9-11, with Columbia Citizen Judith Waldman

The Whidbey retreat has a couple of spaces still available. The place is lovely, the food is divine, and the workshop is special: whidbeyinstitute.org

Fee: $350. Includes Lodging, Food, and Retreat Fee. Some reduced fees may be available.

Judith Waldman, MSW. Director: Women's Journeys and Community
Empowerment Workshops. Visit judithwaldman.com for feedback from previous participants and to register.

moc.evil|namdlawj#namdlaW yduJ


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Fat Tuesday Dance Party

Hillman City Block Party, Tuesday February 21 6:30 - midnight.

Two live bands at Maxims on Rainier. Happy hour pricing all night at
Orcas Landing Pub and Eyman's pizza - both across the street from Maxim's.

All net proceeds benefit Rainier Valley Food Bank and Windermere Foundation. $20 per ticket at brownpapertickets.com

moc.eremredniw|enyaws#enyaW evetS


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fundraiser dinner for new youth culinary program

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Community Arts Create's newest program, Taste International, with a special night of food from around the world. Friday Mar 2, 2012 at 7pm.

Community Arts Create works to build community through self-discovery and shared experiences. The overarching goal is to revitalize Southeast Seattle through community-created and culturally-infused art.

moc.liamg|wnetaercstra#retnuH neB, Executive Director


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group uke classes with Kathleen Tracy

Bring a little island vibe into these cold damp days. Learn to play the ukulele. Come learn the fundamental skills to get you playing this versatile, portable, and fun instrument. A new group uke session begins Feb 7. Cost is $60 per 4-week session.

Bring your ukulele tuned G-C-E-A.
Space is limited — to register email Kathleen

Kathleen TracyKathleen Tracy


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love songs, fiercely independent artists, Latin jazz & more

We've got a little something for everyone this week at Columbia City Theater. Hot Latin jazz, a weekend celebrating a few of our favorite fiercely independent artists and some brand new songs recorded right here at CCT. Plus, a special Tuesday night show next week in honor of Valentine's Day where Matt Bishop (from Hey Marseilles), Tim Wilson (Ivan & Alyosha) and Kaylee Cole will be serenading the audience with some of their favorite love songs.



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Our book is here -- Rainier Valley Historical Society

Read all about it! Rainier Valley arrives!

We're happy to announce that our book, Rainier Valley, is here and available for viewing or purchase at the offices of the Rainier Valley Historical Society.

Cost per book: $21.99 plus tax. Cash and check accepted. You may also order the book using your PayPal account; shipping charges will be added at check-out. Here's our PayPal order form.

Sheila HSheila H

Arcadia book cover.jpg

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weekly meditation

Learn to meditate and practice weekly in the Seward Park / Columbia City neighborhood.

Jeff Kelley, Zen Priest and leader of the Seattle Soto Zen group, and his partner, Bonnie Drew, invite you to their home every Tuesday evening from 6 – 7pm for an hour of sitting and walking meditation. The meditation offered is not specific to any one tradition. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level or spiritual path. Instruction will be provided for those who want it. There is no charge. For directions and details contact Jeff at ten.tsacmoc|hcrayellekj#ten.tsacmoc|hcrayellekj.

Eko Jeff KelleyEko Jeff Kelley

meditation garder r2.jpg

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