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Columbia City Community Chorus spring session

Looking for a place to connect with your neighbors, have fun, make a joyful noise, and make a difference? Come sing with us!

The Columbia City Community Chorus spring session starts Tuesday March 22 and runs til June 14. Open registration through April 5. We rehearse Tuesdays 7:30 - 9pm at the Columbia City Church of Hope 3818 S Angeline.

For more information contact director Kathleen Tracy at 725-0341 ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak#ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak or visit kathleentracy.com.

Kathleen TracyKathleen Tracy


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Community Arts Create moves in to Columbia City

May 19th, 2011, CAC presents the first Columbia City Art Walk, called Artisan Alley. In keeping with the notable diversity and distinct traditions and backgrounds Columbia City is known for, Artisan Alley allows for an art experience different than any other in Seattle. Beyond traditional visual arts, the Columbia City art walk will also offer participants the opportunity to enjoy and experience the sounds, feelings, scents and tastes of artistic creation as it is expressed through music, performance, spoken word, dance, and food.

Please visit our website at communityartscreate.org and see what we're all about.

moc.liamg|wnetaercstra#retnuH neB


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free tax preparation

Need help filing your tax return? The United Way of King County is offering free tax preparation at Rainier Community Center, now through April 18th, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Beat the rush and come in soon.

Taxes are prepared by IRS-certified volunteers and e-filed for quick refunds. Tax sites can also prepare tax returns for up to 3 prior years, and help clients apply for Individual Taxpayer ID Numbers. Services are available in many languages. We provide this service in partnership with the City of Seattle to households making less than $50,000 in 2010.

gro.ckwu|ctiE#otniM etaK


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Lenten soup and bible study series

Columbia Lakewood Church is hosting a six-week Lenten Soup and Bible Study series, every Wednesday night, starting March 16th thru April 20th.

A light supper of soup and bread will precede the bible study. The gathering time is 6:30 pm.

Columbia Lakewood Church is located at 5005 S Ferdinand St

moc.nsm|2rekrabj#rekraB ffeJ


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music lessons

My teaching schedule has opened up to allow a few spaces for private piano lessons — I teach both children and adults.

Musikgarten classes are also in session. Join a toddler class Wednesday mornings for the last month. Fees are prorated. We'll start up a new session at the end of April.

Private lessons can start any time. To learn more, visit annsmusikgarten.com, send me an email at ten.tsacmoc|omisja#ten.tsacmoc|omisja, or give me a call at 722-8962.

Ann SimonsonAnn Simonson


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new exhibits at Columbia City Gallery

Columbia City Gallery is pleased to announce two new exhibits. Full Circle and Paradoxes of Living on Holy Land run March 16 - May 1, 2011 at the Columbia City Gallery, 4864 Rainier Ave S

In the main gallery: Full Circle, featuring gallery artists Jacqui Beck, Lori Duckstein, Eric Edgerton and Inye Wokoma. Two painters, a photographer and a sculptor show new work that revolves around the theme.

In the guest gallery: Paradoxes of Living on Holy Land, photographs from Jerusalem and West Bank by Rajiv Kapoor. Indian-born Kapoor has lived in Ireland and the United States. His photography is mainly focused on sociopolitical issues and explores a stream of life amidst conflict. This project was part of the 2010 Seattle Sabeel Conference, an Israeli-Palestinian peace conference.

moc.yrellagyticaibmuloc|tra#sllewoF yhtaK


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Plate of Nations

The MLK Business Association is proud to present the Plate of Nations. The event will feature 12 Outstanding, independently and locally-owned restaurants offering delicious meal deals. It will be held March 27th - April 9th along MLK in the Valley.

MLK Jr. Way South is home to some of Seattle's best, independently owned ethnic eateries. Hankering for some Chinese dim sum, a Vietnamese fish sandwich, Somali goat shawarma, Cajun style crawfish, or Mexican huaraches and a margarita? MLK has it.

Please check out www.plateofnations.com for more details.

gro.awthgisemoh|haras#atnelaV haraS


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preschool music & art classes

Rainier Valley Cultural Center introduces a new class series for Toddlers every Tuesday and Thursday starting April 5th.

Music A,B,C will be at 9:30am, taught by music instructor/violinist Ben Hunter. Children will explore the world of music through the 26 letters of the alphabet, developing both language and music skills.

We'll hold Art Discovery will be at 11am, taught by internationally recognized teaching artist Kathleen McHugh. She'll nurture children's budding creativity through painting, drawing, printmaking, clay, collage and art/science experiments.

gro.elttaesdees|egdirmulpj#egdirmulP irreJ


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spring yoga series at LSPCC with Julie

Are you new to yoga or looking to expand your practice? Join our friendly community of yogis close to home!

The style of yoga is primarily a gentle flow or vinyasa yoga, where movement and breath are united. Practice ends with deep relaxation and guided visualization. Modifications are always offered.

Wednesday nights, six classes, beginning March 23rd, at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Center.

moc.rettubagoy|eiluj#nolliD eiluJ

Julie Yoga Home Studio Pic.jpg

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ukulele group classes

Strum your way into summer! Come learn the fundamental skills to get you playing this versatile, portable, and fun instrument. We'll learn a song or two each week along with some basic strums. Bring your uke tuned G-C-E-A.

beginner/advanced beginner, March 22 - June 16 (no class April 19 or 21)

  • Tues 6:15-7pm Columbia City Church of Hope, 3818 S Angeline St.
  • Thurs 1:00-1:45pm Kathleen's home

Kathleen TracyKathleen Tracy


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Waiting For Superman

Rainier Valley Rotary Club hosts a free showing/discussion of the award-winning film Waiting For Superman at MC Electric Vehicles, 1200 S. Dearborn St, 6:30pm on March 24.

Are Our Schools Getting The Job Done?

Researchers are continually coming up with comparisons that show our kids aren't getting as good an education as kids in Singapore, France, or Poland. Are our public schools giving our kids a track on success? Are they "failure factories"?

Waiting for Superman asks troubling questions, looks at schools that don't work, and teachers who don't teach. It challenges us to ask more questions. And to discuss what we can do to improve our kids' educations.

moc.liamg|thcenktugh#thcenktuG drawoH


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