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This week we bring you a trove of documents classified "community". Like our more infamous wiki-brethren, we've been kinda preoccupied this week. But most of the leaks we've encountered are in our basement, and the only bail we've made has been in buckets.

But we've got our share of exposés about human rights, human nature, and much more.

The Wikli will be on holiday hiatus for a couple weeks. As always, the site remains open to all the neighborhood insights you're looking to share. Enjoy the rest of 2010. See you on the other side of New Year's.


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celebrate 2010 and the New Year at Columbia City Theater

We got lots going on the last few weeks of 2010 at Columbia City Theater, the place to be to ring in 2011. And there are so many ways to celebrate with us: enjoy a drink and a bite off our new menu at The Bourbon, join us for a battle of the minds at Tuesday Night Trivia with Tony Kay or see one of the wonderful upcoming shows.

Tuesday: Trivia Night with Tony Kay at 8pm and all-day happy hour!
Wednesday: Absolute Karaoke in the Bourbon Bar
Sunday: Free live music at 7pm



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Sunday, Dec 19th, 4-5:15pm @ Rainier Community Center, 4600 38th Ave S

Valley & Mountain Fellowship, an inclusive church in Columbia City, will be holding its first Celebration event on Dec 19th from 4-5:15pm. Celebration is a fluid, participatory, alternative spiritual service that recognizes that we all have different ways of experiencing the sacred.

Celebration proceeds like this: First, after a welcoming song, we break into four groups for 20-30 minutes, depending on your preference (meditation, arts, service, and yoga). Second, we regather for a song and a reflection. Third, we eat a meal around tables and discuss our experiences and the reflection, before closing with a song.

John HelmiereJohn Helmiere


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Christmas Eve service

5pm on Friday, December 24
Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 S Angeline Street

We invite the community to this family-friendly service as we tell the Christmas story, sing favorite carols, and light some candles. Please join us as we begin a new holiday tradition! All are welcome.

Darla DeFranceDarla DeFrance

stained glass.jpg

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Church of Hope worship

All are welcome as we celebrate the 4th Sunday in Advent. Sunday, December 19 at 10:30am

Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 South Angeline Street

We meet for morning worship on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:30am. Services will last about an hour with coffee and snacks afterward. We welcome your ideas and feedback as our new community comes together!

Darla DeFranceDarla DeFrance

peace sign.jpg

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Have your holiday party at New Freeway Hall!

Still available for New Years! New Freeway Hall, serving south Seattle's multicultural community in Columbia City since 1985.

Rent our space for parties, receptions, banquets, weddings, meetings and seminars. 5018 Rainier Ave S. Call 722-2453 or drop by Mon-Fri, 10am - 8:30pm

The hall accommodates 125 for a party or reception, or 90 for a sit-down dinner.

moc.liamg|llaHyaweerFweN#llaH yaweerF weN


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holiday wine and jewelry sale

When: Saturday, December 18, 11am-2pm
Where: La Medusa Restaurant, 4857 Rainier Ave S

For the first time ever La Medusa is clearing out its cellar and letting you have the first pick. Owner Julie Andres is excited to share some wines that she has been squirreling away for this very occasion. One of the favorites is a 1999 Luigi Enaudi Barolo for only $45!! Or the tart and spicy '06 Poderi Colla Dolcetto for $10.

moc.tterByByrleweJ|tterB#noswehtaM tterB


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local, independent owners... show 'em your love

This holiday season, the Columbia City Business Association is highlighting many of our local, independent owners. It's our hard-working, local business owners, weathering storms of the economic and drain-clogging kind, who enhance the fabric of this community and help create the relationships and connections that mean so much to all of us.

So greet a local owner today! Click here to check out the up-close and personal faces of many local, independent owners. And while you're shopping in Columbia City, you will find window posters featuring "Local Owners' Holiday Specials".

Shelley MorrisonShelley Morrison

Adam Meyers at SP Computer Services.jpg

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Only in Columbia City

The Office of Economic Development has launched a buy local program called Only in Seattle, which features Columbia City and highlights four of our locally owned businesses: Baol African Imports, Roy's BBQ, the Columbia City Theater/Bourbon Bar and La Medusa.


Shelley MorrisonShelley Morrison


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salon adidez

Come and celebrate with us on December 17th at 7pm for wine tasting and shopping for gifts. Cookie Lee jewelry and salon products for stocking stuffers.

Please make a reservation. We're limited to 20 people.

moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez#dez, 725 3841


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short film on WA's 3-Strikes law

Thursday, Dec 16th, 6:30-8pm @ Southside Commons, 3518 S Edmunds St

JusticeWorks, a Columbia City-based criminal justice reform organization, has produced a 35 minute video briefing on Washington's 3-Strikes Law. The film includes interviews from a Seattle City councilman, the King County Chief Prosecutor, a crime victim, and numerous men who are incarcerated for life.

A panel discussion to follow. Drinks and snacks provided. This is part of the NW Federation of Community Organization's monthly Social Justice Film Series held at Southside Commons.

John HelmiereJohn Helmiere

southside commons.png

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Sing Noël concert Dec. 21st

Sing Noël, a caroling group that was originally created by members of the Franklin HS Bel Canto choir, is presenting a holiday concert for ages 21 and over.

Tuesday, December 21st at 7:30pm
Columbia City Theater & Bourbon Lounge
4916 Rainier Ave. S. between Hudson and Ferdinand

Gratefully accepted donation to cover costs: $5

The Sing Noël repertoire is a spirited mix of traditional songs and carols, which avoids the usual holiday standards. Choir is directed by the talented, Lynn Hall.

Shelley MorrisonShelley Morrison


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theology on tap: the question of human nature

Wednesday, Dec 15th, 8-9:30pm @ Awash, 3808 S Edmunds

Every other Wednesday a diverse group gathers at Awash Restaurant to discuss one of life's Great Mysteries over drinks and tasty Ethiopian food.

This Wednesday we'll be taking on the question of human nature. Are we naturally good but corrupted by culture? Are we greedy and selfish but tamed by society? A mix of both? How does our answer to this question affect our real lives?

Our format is: brief introductions, 5-8 minutes where someone shares several deep responses to the Great Mystery from brilliant theological/philosophical minds from history, then the floor is opened for discussion. Finger food is provided for free, drinks are up to individuals.

John HelmiereJohn Helmiere

thinking man.JPG

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