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'Tis the season … to cease 'n' desist. Yesterday we heard the latest news in the Cinema's ongoing travails — sounds pretty bleak, but Paul and friends keep fighting for that happy ending. As we head into our darkest season, this Wikli offers a bunch of ways to raise your spirits and a glass, and to jump-start your holidays.


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Columbia City Community Chorus fall concert

The Columbia City Community Chorus, directed by Kathleen Tracy, presents their Fall Concert, Harboring Each Other. The event will be a benefit for the Refugee Women's Alliance. The multi-generational Chorus will sing a spirited and moving set of songs both original and contemporary, with a few surprises thrown in! The Chorus will be joined by Columbia City musicians Matt Kelly and Joanne Laterjung Kelly. It'll be a good time, for a good cause!

$5 - 20 suggested donation.

Friday December 10, 2010, 7:30pm
The Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 S Angeline St

Kathleen TracyKathleen Tracy


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Have your holiday party at New Freeway Hall!

Still available for New Years! New Freeway Hall, serving south Seattle's multicultural community in Columbia City since 1985.

Rent our space for parties, receptions, banquets, weddings, meetings and seminars. 5018 Rainier Ave S. Call 722-2453 or drop by Mon-Fri, 10am - 8:30pm

The hall accommodates 125 for a party or reception, or 90 for a sit-down dinner.

moc.liamg|llaHyaweerFweN#llaH yaweerF weN


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holiday wine and jewelry sale

When: Saturday, December 18, 11am-2pm
Where: La Medusa Restaurant, 4857 Rainier Ave S

For the first time ever La Medusa is clearing out its cellar and letting you have the first pick. Owner Julie Andres is excited to share some wines that she has been squirreling away for this very occasion. One of the favorites is a 1999 Luigi Enaudi Barolo for only $45!! Or the tart and spicy '06 Poderi Colla Dolcetto for $10.

moc.tterByByrleweJ|tterB#noswehtaM tterB


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Macabee Martial Art

Conditioning is the key to all of our training, weather it be Pai Lum Kung Fu or Commando krav Maga. The body and the mind are linked, and one cannot be healthy without the other. If the body is in bad shape and not taken care of, then the mind cannot be focused or disciplined.

Macabee Martial Arts trains the body aerobically and anaerobically. It trains the muscles to move quickly in order to respond to threats. Along with physical conditioning, Sports Yoga and Chinese stretches are taught to keep the body limber and injury free.

Kung Fu is a Chinese term used to denote a person who has acquired a great amount of skill through training over a long period of time. Macabee Martial Arts aims to train a persons mind, body and spirit to be in harmony with each other as well as his or her environment.

macabeemartialarts@comcast.net, 722-4614


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new neighborhood apartment proposals

Tuesday December 14th at 6:30pm, the Department of Planning and Development will hold a public meeting to gather comments and provide feedback about two separate projects in our neighborhood. The meetings are at Northwest African American Museum, 2400 S Massachusetts St, Studio 1.

The first project is at 3701 S Hudson St, a 136-unit apartment building located at the NW corner of the St Gobain site, behind the Columbia Motors building. The design firm is Runberg Architecture Group and the developer is Harbor Properties. This will be this project's second meeting, and this might be the last chance for neighbors and the Design Review Board to weigh in. That session starts at 6:30pm.

The second is for 4484 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, to the north of the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. It's a 52-unit apartment building intended to house low-income residents. SMR Architects is the designer, and Mercy Housing is the developer. This is the first meeting for this project — it was originally scheduled for 11/22, but it got snowed out. The second session starts at 8pm.



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Paula's Soaps open house sale

Saturday and Sunday, December 11 & 12th, from 11 to 5, we invite you to join us at 4814 43rd Ave S for our not-so-annual sale. Paula's Soaps is still a thriving enterprise, although part-time now, and creating new and interesting soaps has always been my favorite way to spend a day.

Some years I get well enough organized to host an open house, and some years I don't. This is a good year! I have a great selection — more than 20 different varieties and some lovely new soap dishes to match them. They will all be displayed for your sensory pleasure. Maybe you'll find a perfect little gift for someone special — like yourself!

moc.tenyrps|bigredna#snobbiG aluaP

Almond and Oatmeal Soap

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salon adidez

Come and celebrate with us on December 17th at 7pm for wine tasting and shopping for gifts. Cookie Lee jewelry and salon products for stocking stuffers.

Please make a reservation. We're limited to 20 people.

moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez#dez, 725 3841


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SPLAB Living Room: writer's critique circle

Living Room happens Tuesday nights at 7pm in the new SPLAB in the Cultural Corner of the old Columbia School, between Rainier Ave S and 36th Ave S, on Edmunds. We're 2 blocks from the Columbia City Link Light Rail Station. $5 suggested donation.

No meeting on December 28, but we ARE extending the meetings into January 2011. See splab.org for details.

gro.balps|nep#nosleN luaP, 422-5002


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wine tasting and silent auction

Please join SEEDArts at our 2010 Wine Tasting & Silent Auction on Thursday, December 9 from 7-9pm at the Columbia City Gallery, 4864 Rainier Ave S.

We'll feature The Flying Sommelier who will present unique Latin American wines from boutique wineries. We'll have a tapas menu and wonderful art and experiences through our silent auction. We will also be raffling a half-case of wine.

Tickets are $30 per person; $55 per couple. Please send checks to SEEDArts at 5117 Rainier Ave S or call 760-4286 for Visa or Mastercard payment. Email gro.elttaesdees|ofnistra#gro.elttaesdees|ofnistra for more information.



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Winter Solstice Celebration needs you

Calling all those interested in helping plan a 3rd annual Columbia City Solstice Celebration!

There are rumblings of interest in another solstice party. This year we don't have the financial and coordination support from SEEDArts, so if this is going to happen we'll need to get some helping hands to make it work.

A few pieces are in place: we've got two possible locations (the new Cultural Corner or the Southside Commons), I'm willing to put on another lantern-making workshop, and Dan's ready to make a labyrinth again. We've got the poetry stylings of Paul Nelson and his SPLAB compadres, and I'm working on rounding up some singers.

moc.ogidni-esum|ennaoj#ylleK ennaoJ


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