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summer's bounty


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This is it — full-on midsummer. The garden and the farmers market are flush, our sidewalks are busy, and our cultural scene is hoppin'.


Live locally.

  • Wednesday we've got a moved and improved farmers market.
  • Friday is BeatWalk.
  • Saturday you can check out chickens.
  • Sunday you can bike along the lake.
  • The Dems meet Monday.
  • Listen raptly about raptors on Tuesday.

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art-making at Full Tilt

I'm spreading the word about a wonderful drop-in art making opportunity. Every Saturday, from 12 - 2ish the Full Tilt ice cream shop in Columbia City hosts The Makery. This amazing roving studio has everything you and your kids need for creative inspiration.

This month the focus is on Joseph Cornell and making boxes filled with found objects. They have wonderful papers, vintage buttons, shells, fabric, and many little things that are of mysterious origin.

moc.cam|sotnasnagrom#nagroM hannaH


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"Beacon Rocks!" July 11th 1-5pm

"Beacon Rocks!" happens at the Lander Festival Street beside the Beacon Hill light rail station.

Come hear music from Beacon Hill musicians, watch dancers and performers, get some food from local businesses, enjoy activities for kids, etc. Bring your friends (and bringing your lawn chairs isn't a bad idea).

See the full lineup.

Beacon Rocks!Beacon Rocks!


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BeatWalk this Friday!

Hey BeatWalk fans — hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend.

This weekend should be another fun one, since it's supposed to be hot and sunny …and it's Beatwalk time again! See you there from 7 to 10 pm in downtown Columbia City. $7 admission and kids are free. Pay at the station set up outside the Columbia City Gallery.

Check out our fab lineup this Friday!

  • New Age Flamenco
  • The Seatles
  • Leif Totusek and Freestyle Candela
  • The Tartantellas
  • The Hay Burners
  • Prescription

more info here



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Bring it on down

A large segment of our food purchases at Rainier Valley Food Bank (4205 Rainier Ave S) are fresh fruits and vegetables. This is where you, dear neighbors, can get involved.

Got a garden with extra vegetables or herbs? Bring it on down! Got a fruit tree laden with more fruit than you could eat all year going ripe on the branch? Bring it on down! If you don't currently have surplus food in your yard or garden, consider planting an extra row for the food bank. We are always happy to accept fresh produce grown locally. You can always count on your donation going to a worthy belly, and feel great about feeding your own community. It could be the most important trip of your week!



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Columbia City Farmers Market

The Columbia City market will be moving to Edmunds Street between 35th and 37th this coming Wednesday, July 7. We are hosting a party to celebrate our new location with great shoppin' and strollin' music, face painting, balloon animals, kids crafts events, free gifts to the first 300 shoppers and a special guest appearance from Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith.

The market opens at 3:00 when Deputy Smith rings the market bell!! The Columbia City Farmers Market is open every Wednesday through October 20th. Hours are 3 – 7 pm.

Catherine BurkeCatherine Burke


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Columbia City Theater & Bourbon Bar

Thanks to everyone who came down to our grand opening celebration — it was insane, and insanely fun!

We've got lots of entertainment — in the theater on weekends, in the front bar during the week. We've also got a great menu of specialty cocktails, an extensive selection of bourbon (our front bar is the Bourbon Bar, after all), happy hour 4-7 Sunday through Thursday and we serve Tutta Bella's full menu. Karaoke on Wednesdays!

www.columbiacitytheater.com, and here's our upcoming schedule.

Babs MitchellBabs Mitchell


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looking for a place in Columbia City

We're a retired professional couple looking for a place near our daughter and family in Columbia City to housesit, sublet, or rent for November, December, January, and February.

You can look at my website for further information about me: www.judithwaldman.com

moc.liamtoh|namdlawyduj#namdlaW yduJ


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Salon Adidez

Salon Adidez is offering 50% off on a hair cut on July 9th as a BeatWalk special. We will be open till 8:30pm on this special day. Come and take advantage of this special from 10am till closing.

See you there. For more information please call 725-3841 Don't miss this deal.

moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez#ikanehcsA deZ


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Save Our Amazing Raptors (SOAR) at the Columbia Library

Tuesday, July 13th 2010, 1 – 2 p.m.

Educators from the Woodland Park Zoo will introduce you to live raptors (birds of prey) and explain their natural history and special adaptations. Ask questions and check out skulls, feathers and owl pellets. For ages 5 and up.

Library events and programs are free and everyone is welcome. Registration is not required.

gro.lps|srelles.etak#srelleS etaK


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Seattle Tilth's chicken coop tour

Saturday, July 10 from 11am to 4pm
Cost: $25 for Seattle Tilth members, $30 for non-members. Each ticket allows a family or 4 individuals to participate.
Buy tickets online

A self guided tour to visit folks who are keeping chickens, as well as goats and bees, right here in the city of Seattle. On July 10, you can take a look at how people are raising urban livestock and incorporating animals into their home landscape. You will see simple coops built in an afternoon and elaborate houses that took weeks of planning and building. Learn from seeing what your neighbors are doing. Ask questions about coop building techniques and materials, daily chores, managing waste and any other questions you have about keeping chickens or urban livestock.

gro.htlitelttaes|dyobeniale#dyoB enialE


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Shakespeare in the Park July 10-11

Fall in love this summer under Seward Park Stars!

Pack a romantic picnic and a blanket big enough for two. Find a spot of grass and escape into some of the most beautiful, funny, tragic and wonderful stories ever told.

GreenStage presents free Shakespeare in the Park
As You Like It — July 10th at 7pm
Romeo and Juliet — July 11th at 7pm

Seward Park Amphitheater, www.greenstage.org

gro.egatsneerg|ailema#relkceM ailemA

As You Like It.jpg

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Shirley & Marvin attend Shirley Marvin Hotel opening

The Shirley Marvin Extended-Stay Hotel opened June 11th in the presence of the building's namesakes. The Shirley Marvin was built in 1935 by D.C. Brown, one of the founding fathers of Columbia City. He named the building after his grandchildren, Shirley and Marvin (who we all know as Buzz).

Shirley Perringer and Marvin (Buzz) Anderson and his wife Jo attended the open house of the hotel along with their extended family. They exchanged many memories and stories as children and grandchildren remembered visiting and playing at the building over the decades.

ten.nosirroms|ams#nosirroM yellehS

Shirley and Marvin in Courtyard.jpg

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