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America and Superstar
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Live locally.

Consult your community calendar.

  • Hillman City Business Assoc (Wed),
  • a music class (Wed),
  • farmers market (Wed),
  • a library book group (Wed),
  • a crime prevention meeting (Wed),
  • Big Night Out (Wed),
  • a running group (Sat, Tue),
  • a potluck brunch (Sun),
  • a reading group (Mon),
  • Hillman City's neighbors meeting (Tue),
  • a paper boat event (Wed),
  • a documentary (Wed),
  • and Citizens post more events all the time!

In the calendar, you can click through to each event's online information. If a local event is missing, please send a Citizen's alert.

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Columbia City Cinema

Seattle's Coolest Neighborhood Theater

This week we continue with our highly successful run of WALL-E, and on Wednesday (7/2), we open Hancock, the funny story of a loser superhero with a dark past, starring Will Smith.

Be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date movie information! Or, better yet, sign up for our weekly newsletter and get movie times delivered straight to your inbox. See you at the movies.

Cinema link

Columbia City Farmers Market

This week at the Farmers Market look for apricots, cherries, and maybe a few early raspberries. Also: artichokes, fresh wild salmon, fava beans, heirloom lettuces and fresh garlic. Live music from Dave and the Dalmations.

Thanks to eveyone who came out to celebrate the market's 10th Anniversary last week! We had a glorious market day and we're proud to be celebrating 10 years of delicous, farm-fresh food in the heart of Columbia City.

Janet Hurt
Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

market link

Columbia City Theater

Columbia City Theater offers a classic show stage, a multi-track recording studio, a video production facility and an elegant cocktail lounge. Come enjoy a show and a cocktail Tuesday – Saturday and consider our venue the perfect place to host your event.
  • Wed — live taping of Seattle Channel's Big Night Out
    8pm, $10 adv or door (proceeds to First Place School)
  • Wed — live music by Laurianne in Lounge
    8pm, no cover
  • Thuopen mic night every Thursday with prizes
    signup begins at 7pm, no cover
  • FriThe Comedy Shop with Jo Fonteno
    10:30pm, $10 adv or $15 door
  • FriInfinity's Neo-Soul Lounge
    8:30pm, no cover
  • SatCollective Art Project (arts, music & more)
    8pm, $5 adv or door
  • Sat — live music by Matt Jorgensen Trio in Lounge
    9pm, no cover
  • Tue — live music by Marc Smason in Lounge
    8pm, no cover

coming soon: Sat, July 12, Karin Blaine & the Groove Dudes

adv = brownpapertickets.com

theater link

Refresh Your Garden Day

Saturday, July 19th, 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. at the Lakewood Seward Park Clubhouse on Angeline and 50th. Not Your Ordinary Plant Sale! There will be speakers, demonstrations, plants for sale, a tool exchange, baked goods and box lunches for sale, and more! Donation of $5.00 requested. It should be a great day! Look for the posters in the neighborhood. Hope to see you there!!

Picnic in the Park

Saturday, July 19, at noon. How about we show up with blankets and picnics to spread out in the shade at Columbia Park. We'll gather for a happily haphazard no-host sunny summer social. This isn't potluck — you get to have your picnic and eat it too …though no one will mind if you insist on sharing your cherries.

Share what's on your mind about the neighborhood. Find out what neighbors care about. We can talk about any of the local issues of the day. Or we can brush up on that fine lost art of neighborhood gossip.

After the picnic, Mikala Woodward will lead an informal walk through the neighborhood, pursuing modern viewpoints for historic photos. More information about that soon.



Organize a Night Out block party

Night Out is Tuesday, August 5. It's when neighbors across the city throw block parties and catch up with neighbors. Columbia Citizens have a ready-made resource to help pull your neighbors together.

  • make a "to-do" list
  • make a "to-bring" list
  • make an "ideas brainstorm" list
  • invite your neighbors to fill in the blanks.

Next set up your wiki-page. There's even a template to get you started. Just type in the cross-streets of the block party and create the page. You can change the page to suit the style and activities of your block's event.

Night Out

Columbia City in the news

  • reading with Rover, police & firefighters at Graham Hill Elementary
  • more bad news from Aki Kurose Middle School (though there's good news too)

BHN/SDJ link

… in news.

Columbia City in the blogossiphere

Amber at the Rainier Valley Post says she doesn't want direct links from the Wikli's blogossiphere over her concern that gossip just isn't her brand. We still encourage you to check out her blog.

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