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Neighbor Sally's Plant Sale

A neighborhood tradition for 18 years, Sally brings together three growers who provide plants, seeds and products grown using organic methods. A specialty is the large variety of heirloom tomato plants, but there are also unusual vegetables, herbs, perennials, seeds, natural plant based skin products and more, along with Sally's famous lavender lemonade and herbal cookies. Come and enjoy a beautiful day in the garden Friday May 16, Saturday May 17 from 10-4 at 6924 55th Ave. S.

Neighbor Sally’s Nursery 18th Annual Guest Growers Sale
Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th 2014
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Join us in our backyard nursery in a garden setting to choose from an assortment of organically grown plants, natural herbal products, seeds and gifts. Enjoy Sally’s famous lavender lemonade and herbal cookies. Our growers are experienced horticulturists who love to share their expertise and knowledge with you.
Featured Growers
Dragonstone Seed & Bulb and Luna’s Apothecary. Lana features a great line of specialty flower and vegetable seeds and organically grown plants. Included are Hostas, Gingko Biloba, Coral Charm Peonies, Black Carnation Poppies, Russel Lupines, Sedums, Cerinthe, Red Crane Kale (Rose Flower), Mahogany Nasturtium, Bells of Ireland and Purple Statice. Vegetable starts include broccoli, kale, sugar snap peas, artichokes, scarlet runner beans, catnip & parsley. Luna's Health Food for Skin will be available at the wholesale price for her customers at this sale. Amazing seed selection including heirloom vegetables and open pollinating flowers, untreated and non-GMO varieties at wholesale prices. Lana Baker, moc.liamg|deesmrafenotsnogard#moc.liamg|deesmrafenotsnogard

Ruthy’s Hobby. Ruthy returns with a collection of culinary herbs including several varieties of basil, Vietnamese Mint, Golden Marjoram, and Elephant Dill. She also has unique edibles [Asian Cucumbers, Parisian Pickling Cucumbers, Shishito Peppers, Blue-Podded Snow Peas, Golden-Leaved Runner Beans, and Fiorentino Squash], unusual annuals [Pumpkin On A Stick, Blue Shrimp Plants, and Datura], small-scale vegetables perfect for container gardening [Astia Zucchini, Tom Thumb Lettuce, Paris Market Carrots, Mini Pak Choi’s, and Mouse Melons], and a large assortment of native and non-native perennials. moc.liamtoh|tipmudr#moc.liamtoh|tipmudr

Neighbor Sally’s Nursery. Sally is committed to providing you with healthy plants that will succeed in your garden. Choose from over 35 varieties of heirloom and hybrid tomato starts, including old and new favorites, and unique squash, cucumbers, unusual vegetables, culinary herbs and perennials. moc.liamg|relztidyllas#moc.liamg|relztidyllas

Neighbor Sally’s Nursery
6924 55th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98118

Sally Ditzler 206-725-1903

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