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Calling all working parents! Looking for a child (or 2) attending elementary schools in the Lakewood/Seward Park neighborhood who needs a place to stay after school. I offer a healthy snack, study time and playtime in my home from (estimated) 3:45 - 6:00pm. I currently have one 3rd grader from Orca Elementary who is continuing from last year. I charge $10 per hour and very flexible on the pickup time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Last year I had 3 children: two Orca students and one from Kimball. The times varied depending on the needs of the parents. We started with a snack, followed by 30 min. of study time which sometimes meant workbooks or other creative learning activities if there was no homework. Playtime was last- I live across the street from the Lakewood/Seward Park, so sometimes the children played in the park.

The children walked to my house and were picked up or walked home at the end of the day.

References available from the 2 families I worked with.
I received a teaching certificate in Connecticut and have tutored elementary age children in NY. Currently retired and home most days, especially in the afternoon.


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