community meeting: Seattle Districts Now
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community meeting: Seattle Districts Now


Next Tuesday, March 19, 7pm — join us at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Club on 50th and Angeline (4916 S Angeline) and learn about a plan to elect Seattle City Council members by neighborhood.

Seattle Districts Now is a campaign seeking to change the way Seattle city council members are elected. Currently, the nine city council members run a city-wide race; all voters vote for all nine open positions.

Seattle Districts Now proposes to create seven geographic districts, each containing about 50,000 voters. Residents in each district would elect one council member for their district. In addition, there would be two city-wide (also called “at-large”) council positions voted on by all city residents.

There are two goals to for having voting districts: More local accountability, less influence for city-wide interests. Candidates could run successfully without the money needed for a city-wide campaign.

If this change is adopted, it will make Seattle like all other cities its size (as well as all state legislatures and the federal government).

Learn more by attending Eugene Wasserman's presentation at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Center, Tues., March 19, at 7 pm, or by visiting

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