LED streetlights: an abomination?
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LED streetlights: an abomination?


Some of us hate the new streetlights. If you're one, you may want to check out the petition at ipetition and see if you'd like to sign.

The petition asks the City Council and the Mayor to hear us about the new lights re: intensity, glare, expansiveness, color and/or intrusiveness. If you are interested in getting these lights addressed, please post wildly. I am not tech-savvy and have no blog. So, I am reaching out to neighbors to try to get us in touch about it.

If you love them, please don't try to convince me. I hate 'em. There must be an energy-efficient way to deal with our dear, dark streets around the lake. If Columbia City proper likes them, I don't mind. Just not on the residential streets in quiet areas.

I've also started a discussion thread here.


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