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open plots at Dakota p-patch


There are several open plots in the Dakota P-Patch (in Dakota Park at the north end of NRV West, between S Dakota St and S Lilac St, west of MLK, next door to the Seattle Community Farm). P-Patch waiting lists average about 3 years, but everyone on our list has passed on the open plots. Speak up now and you could be in the garden this spring!

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All gardeners at the P-Patch are expected to actively garden their plots. This means keeping your plot weed-free and growing something (food, herbs, flowers) from March till the end of October. P-Patches are organically gardened. At the end of the growing season, gardeners are expected to winterize their plots (with mulch, burlap, a cover crop, etc). All gardeners are required to contribute at least 8 hours to the garden as a whole (participate in work parties, weed paths, work in common beds, chop and rotate compost, clean the shed, etc).

The P-Patch program is run by the City of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods. Complete information and rules are available here.

If you're interested in participating in the Dakota P-Patch, please contact Ezra Basom at moc.liamg|mosabarze#moc.liamg|mosabarze as soon as possible to express your interest. We've scheduled our first gardener gathering and work party for March 23.

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