Hawthorne Elementary's library reimagination campaign
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Hawthorne Elementary's library reimagination campaign

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September 12th – October 12th, goal: to raise $10,000

Two-and-a half times more Hawthorne students passed the State Reading Test in 2011 than in 2010! To keep our scores high and our students motivated, our library is in dire need of new books (high-interest fiction books and updated non-fiction books) and technological presentation equipment.

Please help us bring our library to the 21st century

Donate at hawthorne.seeyourimpact.org or drop off a check at the front office,


Create your own fundraising webpage and invite friends and family to donate:

  • It takes only 2 – 5 minutes to create your page at hawthorne.seeyourimpact.org
  • The first 20 people to set up a page will get a $25 donation automatically credited to their page compliments of Scott Oki (former Senior Vice-President at Microsoft, and Hawthorne alumnus).

Not only does each donor get the satisfaction of supporting Hawthorne's kids, but you'll also receive a photo and success story of a child whose life has been changed by your help.

Thank you for your support.

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