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Have you noticed the brilliant shade of green on the chain-link fence outside the Columbia School building? Artist Tonia Arehart and her team of helpers have done a remarkable job improving the appearance of this once rusting, unsightly fence. The beautification is almost complete, but before it's done, she'll need your help. The last step will be adding decorative marks to the metal poles in the fence. Please see Tonia's note below.

Dear Community,

You are invited:

I have always been inspired by aboriginal art. Now more so than ever, after seeing some Australian Aboriginal art in person at our own Seattle Art Museum. With the sense of community I saw in some of the videos from that exhibit, I would like us, as a community, in a neighborhood of a beautifully growing city, to be able to leave our mark.

I envision us doing so by walking the fence line, one behind the other and putting stoke marks on the larger metal frame pieces of the fence with small brushes. A walking meditation of sort.

The base coat is a bright summery green and we will have five other colors making the mark colors.

The dates open to the public are:

  • Aug 26 Sun 12-3 – If hot, painting will not occur until 3-6
  • Aug 29 Wed 3:30 to 7 -During Farmers Market

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tonia at 794-4709.

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