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BeatWalk continues


The acclaimed BeatWalk music festival continues its 18th season on Friday, June 1, from 7-10pm in Columbia City. Held the first Friday of each month from May through September, BeatWalk transforms the neighborhood's historic district into a multi-venue music fest unlike any other in the city. Local businesses along Rainier Avenue South host an eclectic array of musicians, echoing the diversity of the neighborhood itself.

Artists include KletzerBalm, The Wiretappers, Fathia et Les Troubadours, The Crying Shame, Abi Swanson, MUO, Zoe Wick, and The Whiskey Swillers. Festival goers will take in the sounds of Klezmer, North Africa, Indie Rock, Folk, Rockabilly, and more, all for a mere $7 cover (kids under 14 are free). For more information on bands, venues, or directions, please visit

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