ArtWalk galleries still on display
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ArtWalk galleries still on display


Last Thursday on May 17th we kicked off the first 3rd Thursday Columbia City ArtWalk. As part of the ArtWalk, six Columbia City businesses have opened up their walls and stores as ongoing gallery spaces for the summer. Each month the art will change, but we want you to see the art.

The six galleries are: Columbia City Church of Hope; Salon Adidez; Geraldine's; Edward Jones (Ali Zuberi); Pure Alchemy Salon; and Stash Quilt Shop. Each of these businesses has art up for you to look at.

Read more about the artists and the businesses so you can go check them out before it changes!

Columbia City Church of Hope - 3818 S. Angeline St.

Artist Tonia Arehart has created Italian plaster and natural wax pieces. These beautiful classic style pieces look fantastic in this church with natural light pouring through stain glass windows. This is must see. On top of that, this artist is local and lives in Columbia City.

Salon Adidez - 3705 S. Edmunds St.

Artist Ryan Doran fuse the grittiness of the street with the traditional graffiti stencil style, combining paint and paper, darkness and light, music and street ethos to create a mosaic capturing the beauty and urban decay you pass every day.

Geraldine's Counter - 4872 Rainier Ave S.

Artist Garreth Schuh combines art and architecture in a way that recalls his childhood experiences, connecting him to an older generation and way of life. The pieces evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Edward Jones (Ali Zuberi) - 3810 S. Ferdinand St.

Artist David DeVleeschouwer uses visual art and photography to create his work. This particular gallery demonstrates a variety of styles allowing us to see the range that David works in.

Pure Alchemy Salon - 3811 S. Ferdinand St.

Artist Anna Zaytseva is an artist and cosmetologist. Her work captures the beauty of the female body in various shapes, shades and type. Perfect for this particular salon, this work shines on these walls.

Stash Quilt Shop - 3829 S. Edmunds St.

Try something different. Owner Stephanie Snider invites you to explore the art of fabric and quilts. Something new and incredibly beautiful, walk through this store and you'll be amazed at all the wonderful fabric you come across.

These artists will only be up for this month until the next ArtWalk, June 21st. So when you're in Columbia City, mulling around, drop in one of these 6 galleries that we've created. It is definitely worth your time.

For more information on the Columbia City ArtWalk, Bohemian Backstreets visit this website or email Ben Hunter, moc.liamg|wnetaercstra#moc.liamg|wnetaercstra


moc.liamg|wnetaercstra#retnuH neB, Director

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