Community Meeting for Neighbors of Kubota Garden
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Community Meeting for Neighbors of Kubota Garden

Learn what you can do in your own yard to help protect Kubota Garden and become a WHING (Wildlife Habitat in Neighboring Gardens) of Kubota Garden. Washington Native Plant Stewards ae volunteering to provide resources about beautiful, low-cost/low-maintenance plants that can help protect our city's forests and parks.
Thursday, May 24, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Pritchard Beach Park, Boat House, S. Gratten Street and 55th Avenue South

The meeting will provide information and an opportunity! We are looking for neighbors to participate in a pilot project creating healthy and active forest buffers on their own property by planting some native plants. Open to all. Snacks provided.

Directions: From S. Cloverdale St. head north on Seward Park Ave. Take your first Right onto S. Grattan Street and follow it into the park.

moc.liamg|tcejorp.sGNIHW#moc.liamg|tcejorp.sGNIHW or (206) 963-9081

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