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No Place Like Home Open House


Did you know that there used to be seven houses on the Whitworth Playfield? In 1989 those houses were torn down to expand the school site. This spring students at Orca K-8 @ Whitworth have researched the houses and the people who lived in them. We wrote stories based on the historic evidence we were able to find about those people. On June 17th from 3-7 we are going to draw the floorplans of the houses on the playfield and even put furniture in one of them! This even is free and we would love for you to come so we can share our information with you. Refreshments will be provided. Thanks!


Thursday, June 17th, 3-7 pm: Temporary installation on the Whitworth playfield (45th Ave S. & S. Dawson St.) to resurrect the seven houses that were torn down in 1989 to expand the school site. Culmination of a research project conducted by 6th & 7th graders under the direction of local historian Mikala Woodward.

"No Place Like Home" Orca K-8 Spring Enrichment Class

P.S. More information about the project, including the students' stories, is available at:

(Still under construction at the moment, but getting there.)

Contact moc.loa|3amojoj#drawdooW alakiM or 501-6904

moc.loa|3amojoj#drawdooW alakiM

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