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Bring it on down


A large segment of our food purchases at Rainier Valley Food Bank (4205 Rainier Ave S) are fresh fruits and vegetables. This is where you, dear neighbors, can get involved.

Got a garden with extra vegetables or herbs? Bring it on down! Got a fruit tree laden with more fruit than you could eat all year going ripe on the branch? Bring it on down! If you don't currently have surplus food in your yard or garden, consider planting an extra row for the food bank. We are always happy to accept fresh produce grown locally. You can always count on your donation going to a worthy belly, and feel great about feeding your own community. It could be the most important trip of your week!

At Rainier Valley Food Bank, we plan food distributions twice a week — every Wednesday and Saturday — for hundreds of local people. Providing items perishable and nonperishable that will be both familiar to folks from an impossibly wide cultural spectrum and nutritionally balanced and high quality is, to say the least, a challenge. As an amateur chef for the past 30 years, this is really fun for me. I like to imagine the faces of the people I see each week in the line, I contemplate what's in the food bank larder along with what I know is coming, and then imagine myself whipping up several days worth of meals based solely on what we provide. When there are serious holes in our inventory, or a major food group missing, we make an educated bulk wholesale purchase to fill any gaps. Any locally-grown contributions from neighbors are wonderful to add to the mix, and always deeply appreciated!


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