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Columbia City Mural Project


Community Arts Create (CAC), in alliance with Urban Artworks, is organizing and spearheading a collaborative art installation.

The project is simple: a consortium of organizations partner with our featured artist to create individual panels to be joined together in a larger mural. Artist Emily Taibleson will provide the overall design while the organizations provide the content, each participating in a "Conception Workshop", collecting visual images, stories and memories to help sketch the final product.

The projects represents the past, present and future of Columbia City. By making the invisible, visible, CAC strives to endorse and encourage community pride and togetherness through art and art initiatives. This partnership of artist and organization(s) illustrates a true representation of all of the entities that make up Columbia City and the SE Seattle valley. This mural will not only breed community collaboration but will also represent the revitalization and renewal of Columbia City through effective art.

The 98118 zip code is one of the most diverse in the country, representing an amalgam of races, cultures and lifestyles; a melting pot of people connected by the unquestionably unique city in which they reside. Community Arts Create hopes to make this distinctiveness tangible and visible through a community-wide art project.

Each 4’x 8’ panel will be painted by the aforementioned partners and presented in the months leading up to the spring ArtWalk. The final panel will be showcased at the ArtWalk launch party with the complete mural installed shortly after at Wash’s Auto, located on Rainier Avenue just south of Hudson.

Community Arts Create is still actively seeking organizations interested in being a part of this truly incredible project. Additionally, individuals can show support by donating at The Point, a website dedicated to channeling funds directly to appropriate causes and initiatives.

The Point:

For additional information on how to get involved or how to donate, please contact:

Benjamin Hunter
Executive Director
Community Arts Create

Community Arts Create works to build community through self-discovery and shared experiences. The overarching goal is to revitalize Southeast Seattle through community-created and culturally-infused art.

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