Columbia City Street Scramble this Sunday
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Columbia City Street Scramble this Sunday


The urban scavenger hunt known as Street Scramble is coming to Columbia City for the first time this Sunday, June 26. 30 checkpoints are marked on a map — how many can you visit? 90 minutes or 3 hours — your choice. On foot or on bike. Team or solo.

Sunday is the day for the first Street Scramble event centered in Columbia City, Columbia Park to be exact. The Columbia City Street Scramble is a type of scavenger hunt, but instead of acquiring items, participants acquire information.

Participants are given a map with thirty or more checkpoints circled. At 10 am, at the word "Go", everyone will head out all over to find as many checkpoints as possible within 90 minutes or three hours, their choice. To prove you found a checkpoint, simply answer a simple question.

This is a great way to explore a new neighborhood or one you thought you knew.

Columbia City is prime territory with its rich history and diversity. Be part of the first Street Scramble event in Columbia City! Pre-registration is available at until midnight Friday. You may also register at the event on Sunday morning for a few dollars more.


  • 8:30am Registration and check in opens at Columbia Park
  • 9:30 Maps are handed out.
  • 9:50 Pre-event briefing going over important rules and safety guides
  • 10:00 GO!
  • 11:30 90 minute finishers return
  • 12:15pm 90 minute winners are announced.
  • 1:00 3 hour finishers return
  • 1:30 3 hour winners are announced.

For more information on how to register, or the rules of the game see To see photos from other Street Scramble events see the Street Scramble Facebook Page and check out our photo albums. If you have any questions, drop us a note at moc.oegrem|stneve#moc.oegrem|stneve. See you Sunday!

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