Let’s see how much Columbia City REALLY reads
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Let’s see how much Columbia City REALLY reads


It's a fact: Research shows that children who read as few as 4 or 5 books during the summer experience less summer setback, and research also shows that a summer reading loss of 3 months accumulates to a 2 year gap by the time children reach middle school.

That's why the Seattle Public Library has offered a children's Summer Reading Program for the past 92 years. But summer reading is not just for kids, so there are fun incentives for teen and adults who read during the summer as well.

Teens can find and hide a steampunk title and leave clues on the Push to Talk blog in order to pick up prizes. Adults can read and review books and enter a drawing to win a Nook e-reader.

The Columbia City staff have a friendly competition with a few of our sister branches to see who can record the most books read. Last year Columbia Library patrons recorded 3,000 books read. Now, come on. We know you read far more books than that! Come in, record your reading (audiobooks and downloaded books count too) and let's see how much Columbia City really reads! We plan to blow our "target" number out of the water.

While you are picking up your summer reading materials, be sure and ask about the exciting programs offered for teens and children. Events range from henna art, to zinery with Lucy Morehouse to puppetry, bookmaking, live raptors and juggling and comedy acts. You can also check out the Library's Events Calendar to get exact times and dates for the hundreds of free events at libraries around the city this summer.

Of course we want to reduce summer set back, and of course we want to blow reading records for Columbia City out of the water, but mostly, we really want to have fun with you in your beautiful library. Come by and see us and ask about the Summer Reading Program.

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