Connor Desai rocks with ice cream
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Connor Desai rocks with ice cream


Connor Desai's official CD release show happened last week at ToST in Fremont, and she's following up with an all ages jam session at Full Tilt Ice Cream (5041 Rainier Ave S) on Sunday, June 27 at 6pm.

"I can't think of a better location for a kid-friendly show then a combination ice cream shop and arcade. When I told my daughter about the venue she just went nuts. I even bought a bunch of inflatable mics and guitars for the show because I want all the kids to be able to rock out with me."

Connor will perform songs from her new album, Use Your Hands, including "Ruby," a song dedicated to her daughter by the same name. The first music video from the album was made from this track, and features a playful spin on a child's game of memory.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Connor Desai makes soulful American folk music. Her new album, Use Your Hands, is the compelling result of her collaboration with Spokane-based producer, Chris White, and former band (Secret Stairs) members; bassist Alex Trzyna and drummer Mike O'Doherty. Blending her irresistibly sultry purr and uncluttered guitar stylings with Alex and Mike’s innovative rhythms, Connor's sound floats between jazz, folk, pop and indie slowcore without breaking stride.

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