Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day At Columbia City Theater
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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day At Columbia City Theater


We're getting our best all-green get-ups ready for Saint Patrick's day and our celebratin' shoes for another great weekend of shows at Columbia City Theater. We're especially excited to present the first Round at the Theater this Saturday highlighting some of our favorite musicians, poets and painters.

We'll be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day far away from the frat boys and green beer with a night of local rock, Guinness and special corned beef sandwiches from the kitchen. It'll be all whiskey drinking on Friday night as Sunday Evening Whiskey Club and Pufferfish take the stage. And Saturday we're honored to host one of our favorite Seattle events, The Round, with some of our favorite musicians, painters and poets.

Details for each of the shows are below.

Video Calendar:

  • Thursday March 17th Back Beat Seattle Presents: The Spinning Whips, Ancient Warlocks and Koko and the Sweetmeats - 9pm / $6 / 21 +
  • Friday March 18th Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Pufferfish, Ryan Purcell & The last Round - 9pm / $10 / 21 +

  • Saturday March 19th The Round at Columbia City Theater featuring Drew Grow, Shenandoah Davis & Matt and Mike Gervais of Curtains for You - 9pm / $8 advance or $10 day of show / 21+


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