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Columbia Citizens got a little media love last week:

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Seattle Magazine: Sweet Streets: Rainier Avenue South, Columbia City

Bike-riding, Berkeley-style globalistas

If Mayberry had an urban soul, it might look like Columbia City. The high charm quotient comes from the old-style street clock and painted benches, plus cute flower shop KC’s Flowers, all-day breakfast hangout Geraldine’s Counter, butcher shop Bob’s Quality Meats, multiple-screen movie house Columbia City Cinema and a rail station a couple of blocks away (albeit tarted up with light-rail technology and two giant public-art magnifying glasses). Its urban edge resides in offerings like the Columbia City Gallery, Columbia City Farmers’ Market (late April to October) and ethnic restaurants, from Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine to the Thai spot Spice Room.


MSN photo

MSN: From blighted to bling: 10 revitalized neighborhoods

Hip bars, trendy restaurants, cute shops and a farmer's market grace the pedestrian-friendly commercial district of Rainier Avenue South in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood. They're a sign that this once-sketchy neighborhood has undergone a sea change in the past decade.

The transformation began with artists and other pioneers who found gold restoring classic Craftsman homes near Rainier Avenue in the 1980s. A decade later, as the "Sicilian soul food" restaurant La Medusa started making a name for itself, the area attracted more visitors. By the late 1990s, real-estate prices increased, and stylish new condos and townhouses sprouted where there used to be weeds.

read more... 15-year-old, already a 3-time felon, charged in Seattle robbery

A 15-year-old who is a three-time felon has been charged with first-degree robbery and first-degree unlawful firearm possession after Seattle police say he and another teen robbed a young woman in Columbia City.

Investigators got a break in the case after they say the suspect dropped his cell phone at the scene and someone called the phone asking for him by name.



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