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SPLAB's word orchestra, a multi-voice poetry performance group will be performing at this year's Folk Life Festival.

This year's performance will be a multilingual, cross generational, multicultural effort around the festival's theme "telling our story. " There is room to get involved, if interested contact Jeremy Springsteed at moc.liamg|deetsgnirpsmj#moc.liamg|deetsgnirpsmj


SPLAB is an intergenerational writing Performance, Resource and Outreach center dedicated to Poetry, Story-telling, Conversation, Debate, Consciousness and Building community through shared experience of the spoken and written word.

We work to make people better writers through deepening their perception. The antidote to violence and other forms of acting out is empathy which is a function of imagination. Writing builds the imagination. We do not believe in Art for Art’s sake. We DO believe in the science of consciousness, as do the writers we favor and bring to Seattle. We’re a 501(c)(3) corporation.

After being founded in 1997 in Auburn, Washington, by poets Paul E. Nelson and Danika Dinsmore, SPLAB resumed operations in August, 2009, in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

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