study circle on Leon Trotsky's book Permanent Revolution
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study circle on Leon Trotsky's book Permanent Revolution


Investigate the forces behind global rebellion today. In this classic book, Trotsky explains the necessity for workers' power and internationalism in the fight for a just world. A co-leader with Lenin in the Russian Revolution, Trotsky later spearheaded the fight against Stalinist brutality and betrayals.

Sundays, beginning January 30, Noon – 2pm (ongoing)

Admission is free. Coffee and snacks available for a small donation. Come to any or all sessions.

We'll hold this discussion circle at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S, just south of S Hudson St.

A new edition of the book will be available for purchase at the study group or online from Red Letter Press.

For more information, call Megan at 240-6463 or 722-2453 or email moc.gnirpsdnim|elttaesPSF#moc.gnirpsdnim|elttaesPSF

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