free class visits at Arts In Motion
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free class visits at Arts In Motion


Jan 15 through Jan 20, Arts In Motion will be having class "sit ins". Similar to our Arts Fair in the fall, this event invites those of you who are interested in playing a new instrument or joining an art class, but haven't made the final call yet. Swing by next week and see if any of our classes perk up your curiosity.

AIM is offering free to anyone in the community a great opportunity to "sit in" during classes and ensembles for those who wish to explore for themselves what music, drama, dance, film and art classes are really like. Bring a friend!

Participants must call in advance to schedule their visit, then they may freely observe and ask questions of the teachers and staff. This invitation is open to all with no obligation, so please come and see for yourself what an arts education can potentially do for you and your children. Call 723-3131 to schedule your visit.

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