Rainier Valley Food Bank rip-off celebration
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Rainier Valley Food Bank rip-off celebration


A year ago burglars stole $2000 worth of food from the Rainier Valley Food Bank just a few days before Thanksgiving. The southend community responded by leading efforts to raise funds and restock shelves. Within three days, the community had raised over $70,000 in cash and $30,000 in food.

Join us on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 as we spend a day commemorating this outstanding community support by rolling up our sleeves & giving back to an organization that is the lifeline for so many of our families. Two shifts are available, 7am to 11am and 11am to 3pm.

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, while preparing to face the biggest day of the year, the Rainier Valley Food Bank was ripped-off last year by burglars hauling $2000 worth of food intended for the Seattle's needy. The Southend community responded by leading efforts to raise funds and restock shelves. Within three days, the community had raised over $70,000 in cash and $30,000 in food. Inspired by this passionate goodwill, SouthendSeattle.com, a grassroots online magazine geared toward South Seattle, has created the Rainier Valley Food Bank Southend Volunteer Day on Saturday, November 20th, to celebrate the community, and help take on what are expected to be record crowds.

Sam Osborne, Executive Director of the food bank said, “We are deeply grateful and so thrilled to host SouthendSeattle’s Volunteer Day at Rainier Valley Food Bank! November 20th will likely be the busiest day of our busiest year on record." He said, "We could potentially serve over 700 households that day, and we will not stop until the last person in line has received what they need to have a great Thanksgiving."

There are two shifts available to volunteers: 7am to 11am, or 11am to 3pm. The effort so far has attracted almost 50% more volunteers than helped last year, but many more are needed and appreciated. "Those who volunteer with us become an integral part of living our vision of community feeding community," said Osborne. To sign up for a shift, volunteers can log on to southendseattle.com or send an email to moc.elttaesdnehtuos|ofni#moc.elttaesdnehtuos|ofni.

The MLK Business Association and HomeSight have teamed up with SouthendSeattle.com to enlist local businesses such as Tony's Bakery, Tutta Bella and Columbia City Bakery to help feed hungry volunteers during their shifts. Sarah Valenta with HomeSight said, "This is such a great opportunity that gets businesses and neighbors working together to support our community. Thank you Southendseattle.com for organizing the event!" Additional sponsors include SBS Imports providing beverages, and The Sunbreak and Rainier Valley Post providing advertising support.

The recent launch of SouthendSeattle.com was partly inspired by last year's outpouring of support after the food bank robbery. "This incident made us realize how passionate Southenders are for the community. Despite the differences that you'd expect in America's most diverse area, people here have a strong desire to come together to be a resource for each other," said Maia Segura, Editor of SouthendSeattle.com. "We wanted to provide a place with SouthendSeattle.com where they could do that."

As a result of last year's post-robbery support, the Rainier Valley Food Bank, which serves over 10,000 people each month from all over the Seattle area, has been able to increase its food purchase budget tenfold, double the amount of food distributed to guests each week, quadruple the amount of food picked up from grocery stores and local shops, double the number of volunteer hours contributed each month, and according to Osborne, "Most importantly, we can meet the high demand of serving 10,000 people a month with dignity, respect, compassion and generosity."

SouthendSeattle.com is an online magazine written by Southenders for Southenders, providing a space for neighbors to celebrate their passion for the community, build bridges within America’s most diverse area and to be a resource for each other.

For more information contact:

  • Maia Segura, SouthendSeattle.com, 898-7090, moc.elttaeSdnehtuoS|aiaM#moc.elttaeSdnehtuoS|aiaM
  • Sam Osborne, Rainier Valley Food Bank, 723-4105, gro.BFVR|maS#gro.BFVR|maS

moc.liamtoh|atnelavharas#atnelaV haraS

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