Columbia City Farmers Market
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Columbia City Farmers Market

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For the Last market day of the season…

  • Kids Tent: decorate gourds and twist vines and flowers into autumnal crowns
  • Music: dreamy ballads by Pasquale Santos

Last chance to stock up on the most valuable food in town, right in your neighborhood…peppers, melons, wild mushrooms, cheese, fresh hen eggs, fish, chicken, beef, potatoes, apples (oh, the apples!!) and for a last day treat: St. Jude Tuna!

Thanks for another great season Columbia City!

This last spring with record rains and a big move after 10 years in the same spot showed the true nature of the Columbia City neighborhood! Your Neighborhood Farmers Market is central to securing farmland and preserving the wisdom of farmers for a future of high quality local foods. Many thanks!

See you next year…at the market!

Catherine BurkeCatherine Burke

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