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Last summer, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) put in a restricted parking zone (RPZ) for several blocks around the new light rail station to support resident and business parking. We're preparing for a follow-up parking study this November to see how it's working. SDOT has also been approached by the Columbia City Business Association with requests to change parking in the business district. We'd like to hear from you and get feedback from the neighborhood. Read more...

In July 2009, after nearly a year of planning and community outreach, SDOT installed Zone 29 parking around the Columbia City light rail station area. This was done before light rail trains started running, to prevent potential commuters from using neighborhood streets as a park and ride.

So far, we haven't heard from many residents about issues with the Zone. We have attended a couple Columbia City Business Association (CCBA) meetings to get feedback from local businesses, where some had concerns about people parking outside of the zone (east of Rainier) and walking to the station.

Following these meetings, the CCBA requested the following business district parking changes:

  1. Change all current 1-hour time limit signs to 2-hour signs, from 8am-6pm (to better serve customers)

  2. Re-install 2-hour time limit signs on both sides of Ferdinand, between Rainier and 39th

  3. Extend the 2-hour signs on the south side of Edmunds, east of Rainier, from the current 4 spaces to the entire row of angled parking spaces

  4. Add capacity on the south side of Angeline, between Rainier and 39th and on either side of Hudson, between Rainier and 37th, by installing angled parking with a 4-hour time limit (8am-6pm)

It would be great to hear from folks about these requested changes, as well as any comments on how Zone 29 parking is working (or not working). We will be studying parking this November, and plan on counting utilization (how full blocks are) and keeping track of the number of resident versus business permits we see. SDOT will be using much of this information to update City Council (summer 2011) on how the business permit pilot program is working.

If you have any comments or questions, give me a call or email me at:
386-4654 or vog.elttaes|ztrawhcs.nosilla#vog.elttaes|ztrawhcs.nosilla.

You can learn more at

Some of you might have questions about the proposed changes to off-street parking rules around the light rail station areas. The Department of Planning and Development is working on that. You can find more info here.

vog.elttaes|ztrawhcs.nosilla#ztrawhcS nosillA

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