new and renewed
thanks Jenn

There's a certain high that comes from welcoming new neighbors and new businesses — folks who have decided be a part of this place. And after a winter's hiatus, even better is to welcome back those longstanding, treasured neighborhood traditions. This Wikli will wave as you stroll through the farmer's market or roll along Lake Washington.

  • May 1 is the first day of the farmers market.
  • In our calendar, summer dates are filling up — farmers markets, bike Sundays, BeatWalks, ArtWalks and more.
  • Neighborhood women offer retreat and renewal.
  • The historical society holds its annual meeting.
  • Radical Women celebrate May Day.
  • In our blogossiphere, more coverage about that community meeting with police, and Orca school connects with the food bank.
  • In Citizen discussion, Spinnaker Bay is open for business, our acupuncturists give a party, and Second Use looks to collect your paint.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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