What's a wiki?

According to Wiktionary, a wiki (wĭʹkē) or (wēʹkē), is a collaborative website which can be directly edited using only a web browser, often by anyone with access to it.

Wikipedia is the world's largest wiki, a collaborative online encyclopedia.

The beauty of a wiki is that anyone can contribute content to the site; there's no single editor or editors who choose what goes and doesn't go. Instead, that's done through the process of people making big and small additions, deletions, or modifications to existing and new pages. That means you, too!

(Lee and Sachi LeFever live in Mount Baker. They've got a whole library of amusing video vignettes that explain new ideas simply.)

And that's it. This site is a customizable piece of the internet where Columbia Citizens can edit content, upload files, communicate and collaborate.

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