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The Citizens' Wikli is the informal e-flyer of the Columbia Citizens wiki.

It's the "Weekly Wiki" (ergo, "Wikli").

The Wikli contains announcements and messages of interest to Columbia City neighbors. Any Citizen can contribute, and any Citizen can edit. We want your ideas and suggestions!

You can use the Wikli…

The Citizens' Wikli also features selected updates to the Columbia Citizens wiki.

To keep it concise, let's limit each new item to around 100 words. Less is more — if you need more, then it's time to post a comment on the discussion board, or create your own wiki-page on the site. Then you can link to it from a shorter post in the Wikli. Where appropriate, please include your name and any contact info.

About once a week, Wednesdays generally, we'll "freeze" the Wikli's content, move it to its own read-only page, and send an email alert. At first these alerts went out to neighborhood email lists. Those memberships overlap — so in the interest of spam-reduction, regular Wikli alerts go out to Citizens who opt in. So please opt in.


Original Citizens' wiki,
late 20th century

(Actually, allie pasquier
named it limon.)



photo by scarequotes

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