Obama Fired Up

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Seattle, WA
Monday, January 21, 2008
Columbia City Theater

Local Barack Obama supporters and musicians performed and recorded “Fired Up, Ready to Go” a song created with the hopes of propelling Obama to the Presidency of the United States. Kirkland brothers Joe and Jon Bergevin authored the song and were joined by Pastor Pat Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir, Pearl Jam (and former Soundgarden) drummer Matt Cameron, Latin percussionist Arturo Rodriguez and their brother Jake Bergevin to record the song and music video.

Through Joe and Jon's initiative the entire team came together in ten days, from first note written on a page to Jake's last note sung on stage at the end of the recording session.

All performances and services were donated, including the musicians, sound engineers, catering, film team, recording studio and Columbia City Theater.

Like many Americans, the Bergevin brothers are inspired by Barack Obama. As citizens who express themselves musically, it seemed natural to turn inspiration into a song. Along the way they networked and pulled in old friends and new friends to create a song that shares their passion with America and highlights the excitement that Barack Obama fires up in others.

Listen to the song at:

Watch the recording session video at:

Jon Bergevin - Piano, Musical Direction
Osama Afifi - Electric Bass
Matt Cameron - Drums (Pearl Jam)
Arturo Rodriguez - Latin Percussion
Frank Seeberger - Electric Guitar
Jessica Howard - Tambourine

Pastor Pat Wright - Lead Vocals
and Choir Director
Jake Bergevin - Lead Vocals
Grady A. Austin - Spoken Vocal
and Assistant Choir Director
The Total Experience Gospel Choir

Sound Engineering
Chip Butters
Mark Yeend

Video Production
Neill Barham - Director and Editor
Paul Killebrew - Producer and Camera
Tony Tibbetts - Technical Advisor
and Jib Arm Camera
Sean Orr - Camera

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