Big Night Out, 2008, 04/17

Big Night Out is Seattle's monthly variety show with host Kevin Joyce. Taped in front of a live audience at the Columbia City Theater, Big Night Out presents the best in local entertainment!

Big Night Out, Apr 2008
Guests on this episode are spoken word phenomenon Laura Piece Kelley; NYC Vocal Cartoonist Zero Boy; brilliant bass and cello duet Bottom Line Duo; breakdancers 17.42 Crew; acro-balance duet Dr. Calamari and Acrophelia (of Circus Contraption) ; bubble magic from the world-renowned Tom Noddy; plus Kevin's irrepressible monologue; guest vocalist Jennifer Sutherland; real-life audience participation danger in Fame or Shame; and the BNO house band The Cheese Factor with guest bassist Mark Ettinger!

source: Seattle Channel

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