Sunday brunches

Please join the neighborhood brunches!

For years, neighbors have gotten together each month to share news and some laughs over a good meal. It's a fun neighborhood tradition, and a relaxed way to connect and get to know each other better.

When & where are they?

  • Brunches are usually the first Sunday of the month, from 10 to noon.
  • Hosts have typically lived between Rainier and 50th Avenues S, S Alaska and S Dawson Streets.

How do they work?

  • Brunches are potluck.
  • Marj Raunig sends an announcement to her neighborhood email list.1
  • An editable list of future hosts is below.
  • Estimated attendance between 10-40 people. Children are welcome.

What does the host do?

  • Opens their home.
  • Provides dishes/cutlery and coffee (to borrow an urn, contact Scott).
  • Considers dropping notes with close neighbors to be sure they've heard about it.

What months are available?

  • If you'd like to host, you can sign up right here. The list is below. Click on a date for more details, or click on the accessories-text-editor-32x32.png icon to edit the details.

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