What Concerns YOU about Climate Change?

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market in Columbia City, we interviewed a few people about their environmental concerns in order to engage them into conversation about our upcoming workshop. See below for a few results of our effort:

Name: Joy, from New Mexico
Occupation: Social Work
Main environmental concerns/interests: Emissions! Climate change, the political ignorance that people who are our authorities have over important environmental issues and the fears and lies they promote. Alternative energy is also a huge interest.
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? walking, renewable bags, recycling ("I carry my recycling things with me all day to my house if I can't find a place to recycle them"), water and coffee reusable bottles.

Name: David
Occupation: Lawyer
Main environmental concerns/interests: Water quality, pollutions, toxins in the environment
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? Commute via public transit, PZEV car, diesel car

Name: Laura
Occupation: Mother
Main environmental concerns/interests: Cleanliness of Lake Washington, air pollution
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? bike commutes, efficient car, planning to get a home energy audit

Name: Megan
Occupation: Student
Main environmental concerns/interests: Public transportation, services in the neighborhood, air pollution and ground water concerns
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? Shop local, one car, walk, public transit, light bulbs/efficient CFLs, turning the heat down in the winter. Interested in gardening, in particular organic gardening and wants son to also be involved and learn more about it.

Name: Shelley
Occupation: Parks & Recreation (Bellevue)
Main environmental concerns/interests: Clean water, preserving open space as much as possible, clean air
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? "I'm trying to be mindful of plastic bags, waste generation and recycling." Also alternative transportation, volunteering for environmental projects and donating to environmental causes, buying green and being aware of environmental issues.

Name: Joe
Occupation: Musician
Main environmental concerns/interests: "Failure of the system! You can't hide the problems. We need to switch to a non-profit cooperative system!" Is against the 99 tunnel idea.
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint? No car - bike or walking or use of public transportation.

Name: Kelly
Occupation: Full time mom, server
Main concerns: poisoning the planet, air quality, food sustainability
Are you concerned about your carbon impact on the earth? "Heck YES!"
What ways are you reducing your carbon footprint: Uses own shopping bags, buying recycled material, shopping at the coop, shopping local
What would you like to see more people do to reduce their carbon impact? eat local, local gardening
Are you interested in learning more about carbon reduction strategies: "YES!"

We are happy to hear your thoughts Southeast Seattle! Keep it coming, join us on October 20th for the Climate Co-op Kick Off Event. See our Google calendar for location info.

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