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Sustainable South Seattle (S3) is a volunteer-run organization working to promote sustainability in Seattle's south-end communities. We've defined sustainability as living in a manner that allows current and future generations of all life on Earth to thrive.

We design and implement projects to preserve the diversity of our community's businesses and residents, increase transit and transportation choices in our neighborhoods and to provide outreach and education about environmental, social and economic choices that enhance our community.


Sustainable South Seattle is a member of Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS) who connect neighborhoods taking local action to make their communities more sustainable.

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anti-racism and the sustainability movement

posted 19 Nov 2008 04:46

Sustainable South Seattle (S3) held our first planning meeting to organize a forum to discuss anti-racism in the sustainability movement (S3 has defined sustainability as living in a manner that allows current and future generations of all life on Earth to thrive.) We will do this by hosting a discussion on the nexus between environmental and social justice/equity issues and how these movements can work together to help both movements meet our goals of increased "sustainability".

Next steps

* We identified groups that are already organizing in these issues and will invite them to get involved in our planning process.
* Next meeting will be Monday, November 24th at Maki & Yaki, 4525 Martin Luther King Way S., Seattle at 6:30 PM.
* At that meeting we will discuss what we think would make a engaging and successful form on this topic.
* We will get into developing a work plan and timeline for the project.

Learn about electric cars

posted 19 Nov 2008 04:43

Introduction to
Electric Vehicles
With Steven Lough

Saturday, November 22
Camp Long
Learning Center
10 a.m. - Noon
Fee: $25/person

Looking to drive green?
Are you confused about plug ins, hybrids, bio-diesel, ethanol and other forms greener transportation? Join one of the Northwest’s leading experts and “hands-on” mechanic to learn about your options. Steven and the Electric Vehicle Association offer “electric re-build” classes at South Seattle Community College.

Biodiesel Class in South Seattle

posted 19 Nov 2008 04:41

Brew Your Own Biodiesel!
Sunday November 23, 2008 from 1 PM - 5 PM
Learn all the tricks to making high quality biodiesel- See class description below.
Includes visit to BioLyle's workshop after class
Fee: $50
Location: Lakewood Seward Park Community Club, 4916 S. Angeline, Seattle 98118
Class size limited! Please register in advance if possible.
Register at:
or by calling: 206-354-6802
More info: moc.elyloib|sessalc#moc.elyloib|sessalc or moc.liamg|elyloib#moc.liamg|elyloib

A hands-on workshop to learn all the basics to make your own high quality fuel for about $1 per gallon. In this workshop you will do titrations, make small batches of biodiesel with different oils, and learn the tricks to make quality biodiesel every time. We will also operate a small-scale "Appleseed" reactor during class. This system will be compared with the automated BioPro system which the instructor uses to facilitate fuel-making for a Bring-Your-Own-Oil type coop. The class will also cover topics, such as chemistry of the reaction, quality control, vehicle compatibility, cold weather issues, methanol recovery, disposal of wastes, and how to run a successful coop. Whether you just want to learn more so you can decide whether or not to use biodiesel, or you want to make your own brew, this class will help you get underway.

Good Food Movie

posted 21 Oct 2008 16:30

GOOD FOOD, Wednesday, October 22, 7 p.m. Rainier Valley Cultural Center, 3515 South Alaska Street

We will have food donation barrels for the Rainier Valley Food Bank at the film showing. Please bring non-perishable food items for the barrels.

Bring your friends and neighbors to see Good Food about sustainable food and farming in the Pacific Northwest. A small part of Good Food was filmed at the Columbia City Farmers Market, and also Marra Farm and the food bank at South Park Neighborhood Center. This film was first shown in June to packed audiences at the Seattle International Film Festival. Since then it has been shown at the Seattle City Council, in university courses, and at local theaters, with many more screenings scheduled.

Food, where it comes from, how it is grown, how healthy it is, and what it costs is becoming more important for everyone, and Good Food introduces us to the local farmers and ranchers, stores and restaurants that are building a more sustainable, healthy food system. For decades small family farmers have been disappearing, but there is new life in the fields, orchards and pastures of the Pacific Northwest.

The film screening is sponsored by the Columbia City Farmers Market, Sustainable South Seattle, Rainier Valley Cultural Center, Tutta Bella, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Moving Images. The filmmakers will attend. The event is free and open to the public with donations welcome.

October meeting notes

posted 10 Oct 2008 02:04

We had a great October meeting and we wanted to pass on some information to the whole group…

1. Save the date for the November S3 meeting- 11/12 7-7:30 at Co. City library
We will have an election results debrief. We are inviting State and Local elected officials to lead a discussion about the election results and how they effect sustainability and the local organizing community. More information to come.

2. We had a great guest speaker, Todd Burley come from the Seattle Parks foundation to discuss the details of Proposition 2 the Pro Parks levy renewal. For more information and to endorse the levy, check out .

3. Dick Burkhart led a discussion about the Mass Transit Now Proposition. For more information check out,

4. We discussed the possible bus changes in South Seattle. More information here.

5. Save the date for
The Southeast District Council has teamed with the Greater Duwamish
District Council to host TRANSIT TRANSFORMATION, an event intended
to provide tools and information necessary for the community to have a
meaningful role in the planning process. Please come to this
community-sponsored event to learn about neighborhood planning at the
light rail stations and to discuss how to create vibrant, successful
I have attached a flier to this email so that all of you can distribute
this information broadly and encourage the members of your organizations
to attend.

Time and date: Saturday, October 25th from 12:00PM to 3:00PM
Location: New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave S
Food, beverages and child care will be provided

To request translation services, contact Yun Pitre, Department of
Neighborhoods, at 206-386-1924 or vog.elttaes|ertip.nuy#vog.elttaes|ertip.nuy. Please request translation services by October 17.

October Meeting

posted 07 Oct 2008 03:00

The meeting is at the Columbia City library meeting room from 6-7:30.

Here is the draft agenda

1. Speaker on parks levy (invited)
2. Speaker on Healthy Parks (Diana Vinh)
3. Discussion on Transit and Neighborhood Plan meetings coming up
4. Upcoming events!
Showing of Good Food -10/22 7 PM at the Ranier Valley Cultural Center

See you there!

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