Seattle Goes Carbon Neutral

Action on climate change and urban innovation: what do they mean for Seattle's future?

The idea of Seattle as North America's first Carbon Neutral city has gone viral, prompting discussion in the news, on blogs, and among Seattle's civic leaders. Huge, complex questions remain: what would a carbon neutral Seattle look like? How would it be defined? And of course, what are we doing as a city - and what could we be doing - right now to make this vision a reality?

You are invited to an unconference on Saturday, April 3rd, together with some of the best minds in Seattle to tackle these questions. Please join us in asking big questions, and educating and inspiring you peers about your contributions to a sustainable future.

We expect it will be a day of exhilarating conversations. The format is an unconference: in addition to curated sessions on specific topics, we'll open up spaces where you can bring forward ideas, run a small panel, or host a discussion, creating unanticipated conversations and sparking innovative new ideas. We will begin at 9:00 am with an introduction from Worldchanging's Alex Steffen, before launching into the day's events. Mayor Mike McGinn will deliver a lunchtime talk on the city's transportation future.

Space is limited, and first-come-first-served, so please RSVP early if you plan to attend.

RSVP by email also possible: moc.liamg|elttaeslartuen2OC#moc.liamg|elttaeslartuen2OC

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