Salish Sea Trading Cooperative: discounted CSA boxes for Sustainable South Seattle

I'm a co-founder of Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, a local CSA co-op that relies on wind and tide to transport locally produced goods up and down Puget Sound by sailboat. Our goals are to conserve precious energy resources and re-introduce the idea of sail as everyday transport while building resiliency into our local foodshed. You can learn more about us in this Green My Ballard column, Sailing the Seas for Local Food.

Our lead skipper has left for vacation back in Italy, and while he's gone, we want to surprise him with fully loaded boats (we can carry about 50 boxes). We're reaching out to the local SCALLOPS communities for their help. For Sustainable South Seattle folks we're offering a $5 discount off their first order of organic vegetables and fruits; for each order, we'll add a small dolphin graphic to our website so people can see their group's contribution and watch the growth.

If folks in South Seattle are interested in trying us out and getting the discount, they just need to note "Sustainable South Seattle" in their order to moc.gnidartaeshsilas|ofni#moc.gnidartaeshsilas|ofni for either a small or large box.

Box prices
Small: $25 - with first-time discount, just $20
Large: $40 - with first-time discount, just $35

Delivery schedule at Aster Coffee Lounge in downtown Ballard, 10 AM -12 PM the following Sundays:

- Sunday, September 5 (place order by Monday, August 30)
- Sunday, September 19 (place order by Monday, September 13)
- Sunday, October 3 (place order by Monday, September 27)
- Sunday, October 17 (place order by Monday, October 11)
- Sunday, October 31 (place order by Monday, October 25)

Example of produce in our August 22 delivery boxes:

Small: arugula; bell peppers (green); chard (green); cucumber; endive (broadleaf); fennel; nectarines; radishes; salad mix; sorrel; spinach; string beans; and sugar snap peas.
Large: additional quantities of the small box goodness plus basil; beets, golden (with greens); cabbage (green); carrots (rainbow); fava beans; and red wheat flour.

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