Rainier Beach Urban Farm Meeting

There is an informal grassroots movement to convert the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department's Atlantic City Nursery to an urban agriculture site (the Rainier Beach Urban Farm) serving the needs of the Rainier Beach neighborhood and the surrounding community.

We are in the critical part of this effort. Parks will soon (exact timeline unknown) be presenting their proposal for the future of the nursery site. Parks has not yet committed to including an urban farm concept although they have heard from over 100 local residents and many local organizations that this is a desired outcome.

The core group of volunteers who have promoting this concept the past few months met last week to devise an organizational structure to formalize the advocacy effort and enable us to seek and receive grant funding and also build an organizational relationship with Parks.

We are holding our first Friends of Atlantic City Nursery Member Meeting on Sunday January 24th at 11:30 am to discuss, adjust as necessary and then ratify a structure so that we can be prepared for upcoming grant opportunities and the next round of the public process.

Please RSVP to Harry at harry_hoffman(at)msn.com and we will choose a venue based on the number of attendees. You may invite others who are supportive of our efforts, please have them RSVP as well.


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