S3 projects

current projects

Below is our always-changing and growing project brainstorm list. The project ideas below will give you a good idea about what the group is all about and plans to accomplish!

Fruit tree harvest and mapping
No-idling sign placement
Climate auditor master program

future project ideas list

We have sub-committees to organize all the great ideas on our always growing project list. The committees' projects are below.


  • Rainier Ave. "road diet"??
  • No-idling
  • Bike Works
  • Support "Transit Now" and "in-motion projects"
  • Engage in Metro Planning
  • Smart Car Business Outreach
  • Trans 101
  • Un-driver's license
  • South Seattle Spokespeople

Health and Food

  • Fitness & Walkability
  • Map Fruit Trees
  • Food
  • Yr-Round Farmer's Market
  • Expand Holly Park gardening project
  • Garden Tour
  • Georgetown Farmers Market and CSA pick-up

Climate and Energy

  • Climate Dialogues Email Murph at mfmurph-at-comcast-dot-net for information.
  • Carbon footprint "audits" for homes and small businesses
  • Packaging Reduction (styrofoam)
  • Sustainable Holidays
  • Energy efficiency parties (modeled after the Tupperware party)

Housing and Neighborhoods

  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Urban/Residential Land Trust
  • Kill Your Yard
  • Business Incubator
  • Restore permeable surfaces

Outreach, Education and Events

  • Multi-Cultural Outreach/Education
  • Church Outreach
  • Speakers Forum
  • Movie Nights
  • White Elephant parties
  • Portable display
  • Sustainable Seafair
  • Parades
  • Street fairs
  • Book Club

Land Use???

  • Transit-oriented development support at meetings, etc.
  • Support for new development and density.
  • Support for new multi-family buildings, especially if built green.
  • Support for more accessory dwelling units.
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