May 8th Columbia Garden Work Party

What: Garden Work Party and Rededication Ceremony

Where: Columbia Garden - 3528 S Ferdinand St, Columbia City, Seattle, 98118

When: Saturday, May 8th from 10am-2pm

South Shore School has been relocated and is back at its old home the Columbia School Building. Now it is time to get the lovely old children's garden back up and running, so that South Shore Students can get back to garden class. Come get your hands dirty and help your community on Saturday, May 8th for a Work Party and Rededication Ceremony at the Columbia Garden. We will take a tour of the site and then get to work to "save the garden". At noon we will pause for snacks and a rededication of the garden space. If interested and for more information, contact Maren Neldam: gro.htlitelttaes|madlenneram#gro.htlitelttaes|madlenneram

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