Lewis Park Event-Tabling Opportunity

Dear Neighbor,

The Friends of Lewis Park is currently recruiting local organizations and community groups to join us for a Global Work Party on October 10th, 2010. A volunteer appreciation party afterwards will serve to build local community in the Beacon Hill area and promote local businesses, organizations and restaurants. It will be a time to meet neighbors, learn about our local ecosystem, and enjoy Beacon Hill’s unique culture and flavor! Our goal is to introduce neighbors to local resources and provide opportunities to become more involved in their community.

The Friends of Lewis Park is a small volunteer group of Beacon Hill neighbors dedicated to restoring the forest of north Beacon Hill. Working in Lewis Park, we lead volunteers in environmental restoration. Our projects primarily include removing non-native invasive plant species such as Himalayan Blackberry and English Holly, planting native trees and shrubs, mulching and mitigating soil erosion.

This special event on October 10, 2010 will serve as a platform to encourage our political leaders to act on global climate change. Launched by the international organization, 350.org, the Global Work Party will take place in Lewis Park on 10-10-10 from 10 AM until 2 PM. Our goal is to recruit 100 volunteers to the park to remove invasive species and plant native plants, followed by a volunteer appreciation party.

As a local organization, we would appreciate your presence at our event. The after party will be an opportunity for you to share a little about your organization. You may bring a table with flyers and handouts, make a presentation, or provide a demonstration. Be creative! Our volunteers will not only benefit from your knowledge and services, but your organization will gain valuable outreach time!

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you are interested in participating on October 10th, please contact Cadi Poile at moc.liamg|eliopidac#moc.liamg|eliopidac.


Cadi Poile

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