Jefferson Park Community Garden

First Jefferson Park Community Garden Meeting.

Date/time: Tuesday Feb. 2nd (ground hog day) 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Place: Lawn Bowling Club House, Jefferson Park.

One of the greatest things a community can do during an economic decline is to provide food and the opportunity to grow food for itself. We think Jefferson Park is a perfect location for this sustainable recreation.

The proposed site for this community garden is on the western slope of Jefferson Park. South of Columbian Way, east of 15th Ave. It has southern and western exposure which means we could grow a lot of variety really well. The site, as it stands now is a grass desert with a big carbon footprint maintenance program that we could turn around and regenerate into an all-species welcomed, healthy life inspired community garden and orchard.

If you are at all interested in community gardens, food sovereignty, water catchment, land regeneration, natural building, nursery and orchard building, polyculture planting, and community ecology I highly recommend attending this meeting. Please pass this along to your gardening friends.

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