Green Columbia City

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Brooks Kolb. I'm a Columbia City, Lakewood/Seward Park neighbor and I'm excited by the opportunity that our historic new political era is bringing us
to re-power our nation with renewable energy within 10 years.

If we can make the conversion to renewable energy, we will be able to combat the threat of climate change, and what better place to start that in our own neighborhood? We need to show our state and national political leadership that there is a grass-roots demand for clean power, and what better way to do it than to lead by example?

Let's create a new organization called "Green Columbia City." The mission of our group will be to show the city, the state and the nation that our neighborhood's businesses and residences can:

1. Improve our energy efficiency by retro-fitting our homes and businesses
2. Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by generating and purchasing clean power
3. Conserve and enhance our local urban forest and wildlife habitat
4. Generate jobs in clean power
5. Participate and partner with and WeCanSolveIt.Org.

All we need is the will and the determination to do it. So: I am writing to ask, who would like to join me in creating a steering committee to launch Green Columbia City?

Please write me back at moc.cllblokskoorb|skoorb#moc.cllblokskoorb|skoorb and we'll get started.

Sincerely, Brooks Kolb, ASLA
President, Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks

As President Obama says, "Yes we Can!"
Think Globally, Act Locally

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