Dead Horse Canyon Restoration in Rainier Beach

Is "plant" a noun or a verb? Noun: We are getting 100s of native plants from several sources. Verb: We need to plant them next Saturday, October 16. REI will also have their annual booth with lots of wonderful give-aways for everyone. So, we need lots of volunteers to plant the plants. Meet us under the blue tent at the hairpin turn at 68th Ave. S. and Holyoke Ave. at 8:30 AM for coffee and goodies. Work begins at 9:00 AM and will take place in the Rustic Road and Bangor Street areas. Dress for the weather; wear sturdy shoes; and bring lots of enthusiasm. Tools, gloves and refreshments provided. Call Darrell or Jude at (206) 772-1452 for directions or additional information. Suggestions welcome.

Jude and Darrell

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