anti-racism and the sustainability movement

Sustainable South Seattle (S3) held our first planning meeting to organize a forum to discuss anti-racism in the sustainability movement (S3 has defined sustainability as living in a manner that allows current and future generations of all life on Earth to thrive.) We will do this by hosting a discussion on the nexus between environmental and social justice/equity issues and how these movements can work together to help both movements meet our goals of increased "sustainability".

Next steps

* We identified groups that are already organizing in these issues and will invite them to get involved in our planning process.
* Next meeting will be Monday, November 24th at Maki & Yaki, 4525 Martin Luther King Way S., Seattle at 6:30 PM.
* At that meeting we will discuss what we think would make a engaging and successful form on this topic.
* We will get into developing a work plan and timeline for the project.

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