SPPIF roles

We have several groups working together to achieve a fabulous park for our region's children.

They are:

Interview/Design — Co-chaired by Susan Zeman and Cynthia Marshall

PR/Marketing — Chaired by Jill Raynor

Outreach/Events — Chaired by Rochelle Vinson

Accounting/Fundraising Committee— Chaired by Jeff McDowell

SPPIF is co-chaired and managed by Betina Simmons-Blaine and Maura Whalen, both residents of Seward Park and parents of children at Graham Hill Elementary.

Maura is managing Interview/Design and Accounting/Fundraising and
Betina is managing PR/Marketing and Outreach/Events.

General questions may be directed to moc.cam|FIPPS#moc.cam|FIPPS.

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