SPPIF Public Relations & Graphics Committee

team members

  • Samantha Steinwinder
  • Jill Raynor
  • Brian Stark
  • Bob Smith
  • Stacey Kinkead
  • Bruce Gray
  • Dolores Ranhofer
  • SPPIF Co-Chair:
    Betina Simmons, moc.liamtoh|snommisaniteb#moc.liamtoh|snommisaniteb

notes from most recent meeting

SPPIF Public Relations & Graphics Committee

First Meeting: 3/23/08

Samantha Steinwinder, Jill Raynor, Brian Stark, Bob Smith, Stacey Kinkead, Bruce Gray, Dolores Ranhofer, SPPIF Co-Chair: Betina Simmons

SPPIF Objectives
Build community excitement and involvement that ultimately drives people attend and participate in planning meetings, fundraising events and other activities.
Raise money for the new playground.

PR/Graphics Committee Objectives

  • Develop messaging about SPPIF and our goals that appeal to the public and drives them to get involved.
  • Support other Committees with the materials — brochures, logos, story ideas, etc. — to help them reach their audiences successfully.
  • Build awareness of SPPIF through stories in local and regional publications

Committee Audiences

  • Other committees — Fundraising, Development, Volunteer/Community Outreach
  • Print & Broadcast Media Outlets — Seattle Times, Seattle P-I, Regional Newspapers, Network TV Stations, Seattle Channel, etc.
  • Online Outreach: Wiki, http://ColumbiaCitizens.net/SPPIF:welcome

Initial Ideas & Strategies

  • SPPIF Committee Info Gathering Meetings — Samantha to own
  • Meet with Volunteer/Community Outreach committee to delineate responsibilities and audiences
  • Confirm that they reach the community centers/groups, listserves, libraries, churches, etc.
  • Meet with each group to determine needs for materials from us
  • Develop SPPIF logo for use in all SPPIF materials — Brian Stark owning
  • Consider Seattle Parks & Recs requirements for the new playground:
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Combat Childhood Obesity
  • Develop brochures and other materials —
    • Determine need and specifics for materials — Used around the community, other committees, etc.
    • Need final brochure for Seward Park Environmental Center opening April 26
    • Need brochures final for use around the community to drive public to May input meeting.
  • Develop messaging and story ideas — Need owner for messaging
    • Gather information on Seward Park history, playground history, etc. for use in messaging
    • Determine story needs for community newsletters, media pitch angles, etc.
    • Story Ideas:
      • SE Seattle revival
      • Why people should get involved in Seward Park Playground
      • Sustainability focus
      • Earth Day is April 22, opportunity to promote SPPIF and Seward Park?
      • Seward Park history
      • YoutTube video showing the transition of the Seward Park playground — kids REALLY need a place to play
      • Poll on Wiki or other online site on the Best Local Playground Features, Favorite Playground Structure, etc.
      • Help stop Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Develop PR/Graphics Plan — Should include the following:
    • Messaging overview
    • Media outreach plan — who, when, how, team
    • Press Release for May public meeting
    • Fact Sheet on SPPIF and mission
    • Images and logos
    • Story angles and targets
    • Logo ideas or final
    • Specific brochure needs
    • Other materials’ needs
    • Detailed timeline with owners


Next steps
Timeline — PHASE I

  • April 1, 2008 — First PR/Graphics committee meeting, 12:00 noon CafĂ© Vita
    • ACTION: Team develops specific plan, actions and owners
  • Week of April 7 — Committee begins our tasks, reports to chairs with deliverables
    • ACTIONS:
      • Logo and brochure design to SPPIF chairs
      • Brochure copy draft complete
      • All projects assigned owners
  • Week of April 14 — Joint meeting with Outreach Committee to discuss plan
    • ACTIONS:
      • Betina to schedule meeting with both groups
      • Begin YouTube video production
      • Finalize and print brochure
  • April 26 — Seward Park Environmental Learning Center Grand Opening
    • All-day event open to the public, ribbon cutting, etc.
    • ACTION: Have brochures finalized and available at this opening
  • April 29 — Press materials completed
    • Press release announcing public meeting
    • Fact sheet with SPPIF details, link to YouTube video, link to details on the Wiki
    • Photos or images as available
  • May TBD — Public Input Meeting #1, facilitated by LA
    • ACTION: PR should be in full swing so that attendance is high at meeting
  • July TBD — LA develops alternatives; with committee plans next public meeting
  • August TBD — LA facilitates public design meeting #2
  • September TBD —
    • Finalize schematic plan with steering committee and parks pro-view team.
    • Finalize budget
    • Public meeting #3
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